Take risks. Take chances. Don’t be afraid. The other road is a boring one.

Take risks. Take chances. Don’t be afraid. The other road is a boring one.

I admit that I suck at drawing realistic things, but hey, I’m working on it! Here are two illustrations I did for my lola and my friend. HAHA. I still have to improve on my watercolor skills and I’m so happy because I have the entire sem break to work on that!!! 

QUICK UPDATE: Hi guys! Sorry for the long hiatus! The past two weeks were really TOXIC- there were so much stuff to do but so little time and energy! The last few weeks of school were spent preparing for oral exams, studying for written tests, accomplishing end-of-the-sem requirements and tons of other stuff! 

It was literally, the most exhausting and stressful month of my entire college life!!! But anyway, I’m now on break from school and I’m just so excited because I get to do ALL THE THINGS I WANT TO DO without worrying about an unfinished paper or a test I still haven’t studied for! 


  • Improve my painting skills!
  • Learn how to make some bracelets!
  • Do more illustrations!
  • Work on my digital typography skills!

Of course, there will be days where in I’ll revert back to my lazy old self and just have a movie or YouTube marathon for the rest of the day! 

I just want to lie down and not think about anything, or worry about anything, or just not do anything.

Fastforward to sembreak please.

(A frown won’t do any good to your pretty face. HAHA)


(A frown won’t do any good to your pretty face. HAHA)

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but there was this time where in I was a speaker for a certain… workshop…for my org.. and haha, it’s weird for me to share this because I’m honestly embarrassed about it.

I am no expert in this field (being a Management student myself) but it’s something that I like and enjoy doing. Anyway, here are some of the slides I did for the talk (they’re all made from Keynote) so let me share you some tips and thoughts I have when it comes to design!

GRAPHIC DESIGN is visual communication, art and problem solving.

Graphic Design is a visual tool designers use to communicate to people. It’s an art because you CREATE something. And it’s problem solving because every time you work on a specific design project, it’s like solving a math problem. What font size should I use to make this chunk of text fit in the limited space I have? What background color will match the photos that I have? And the list goes on!

Being a designer doesn’t mean you have to be good in drawing.

Guys, believe me or not, this is TRUE. Even if you suck at hand drawing,  there’s always the PEN TOOL to help you!! Find an image in Google, trace it using vectors and poof! No need to be good in line art or sketching! HAHA!

Design is not equal to Photoshop or Illustrator.

You may know all the tricks and tools in Photoshop or Illustrator, but do you have a good eye for design? And even though you’re a computer illiterate person, you can still consider yourself a designer if you can create stuff with just traditional means! When I do design project, I don’t go straight to the computer.

I used to do this before but then i realized that it just hinders your creativity! It’s better to have a clear plan at the start (a rough sketch will do) before opening Photoshop because a blank piece of paper doesn’t limit you (unlike Photoshop where in if you have this idea of doing a cool 3D effect but then you realize that you don’t know how to do it in the software so you’ll end up throwing the idea away). 

And there was this one graphic designer that said (I forgot his name). "Consider Photoshop as a microwave of your designs". Meaning, you already have a real, prepared design and you just have to heat it up (transform it into digital work) so you can show it to the public.

You don’t need to be a Fine Arts Major to be good at it.

Well, of course studying fine arts helps A LOT (huhu) but then again, you just can’t give up if you’re not one right? I’m not saying that I’m really good at this field without any expert’s help because honestly, I KNOW THAT I STILL HAVE A LOT TO LEARN. But looking at things in perspective, don’t let your course define you. If you’re in a medicinal course and you love to design stuff, then go! Do it! Practice it! Hone your skills! Read art books! Browse through other designers’ stuff and be inspired! There’s nothing that should stop you!

This is “MY” design and I’m doing Art.

Now, there’s a difference between a graphic designer and an artist. A graphic designer designs for an audience and NEVER for himself. When people don’t like your work, you’ve failed your purpose. You design to communicate something and when that something is not understood, then it’s no use! An artist does art for self-expression. But if you want to pursue graphic design, remove all your self-centeredness and pride because there will be times where in you have to scrap a work that you’re really proud of because your client doesn’t like it. You have to DEAL WITH IT.