Here’s a rushed poster (huhu sorry mommy) that I tried to do for my mom’s birthday today. I’m sorry Mom for awkwardly placing your face at the middle. 

To the best mom in the whole world (technically, this is not an unbiased comparison because I only have one mom but nevertheless, for me you are the BEST) thank you for putting up with my forever bipolar attitude, for being supportive of everything I do (driving me around Manila to go to the places I need to go) and for being understanding, caring, and just about everything I could wish for in a mother. I may not be the best daughter (thank you for putting up with that despite the fact that you really don’t have the choice) but I am not lying when I say that I love you to death (huhuh cheesy I know) and I will forever be thankful of everything you’ve done for me!  Thank you mom for being my inspiration, my adviser and my number one fan (haha, feeler). I love you!

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