Hey guys! I’ll be showing you how I made my own school planner and how I stay organized with it!

But before anything else, I didn’t make the notebook all by myself okay! I just bought a plain ruled notebook from National Bookstore. The original plan was to buy a ready-made planner but there wasn’t any stock already! I guess they only sell those during the start of the year.

Anyway! I’m still very happy that I was able to find this really neat-looking notebook! I suggest that you buy a sturdy one so that it’ll last for the entire school year. Book-bounded notebooks are the best! (Well, for me! But it really depends on you!)

So enough with the notebook! Let’s proceed to the materials I used in making my planner:



I can’t live without sticky notes! I mean, I use them when I make lists and as page markers for my planner! Having different colors is much preferable (I’ll explain why later on). And it would be better if you buy small and thin sticky notes like mine but if you can’t find one in stores, you can just cut those big, square stickies into half and they’ll be just as good! (REMINDER: When you cut stickies, don’t forget that every part should still have the “sticky factor” otherwise, you’ll end up having small pieces of colored paper! FAIL!)


Highlighters are also a must! I use these to point out important events. But why in different colors? Will explain again later on!


I actually have three kinds of Gel Pens- Glitter, Fabric and Metallic. But for making my school planner, I used my metallic ones because it’s not too intense unlike glitter pens and not too plain either unlike the fabric ones. Used these for the designs and such. (I was supposed to print out my designs! I even made customized calendars and so many other things in Photoshop but when I was about to get them printed, our printer suddenly became a total weasel! It wasn’t able to print the right colors so my designs looked very unsightly! Well at least I was able to print other things.)


Pretty obvious why you need them. Basic stuff.




Because I have plenty of other things to do, I just used some of my old drawings to design my planner. As you can see, for the front page, I have a doodle of myself as a panda girl (haha!) and on the bottom of it is the title of my planner which is “MissArielle”. Lol, weird! I didn’t have much time to think because there were so many things to do. Hehe! 

So I used metallic gel pens to put some designs (though you can’t really see it on the photo) and also, to write something below. 

"I love to dream!" Yes, I really do!


Nothing really spectacular with this page. Just got this 2011 calendar from my Mom’s free Watson’s planner. But having one like this on your planner is a must so you could circle out important dates and keep track of time. It’s also a quick view and summary of everything that’ll happen for the entire year!





I really made a big mistake by printing out the words “SOME INFO” instead of “CALENDAR” so don’t do the same! But anyway, every section has a front page so as you can see, there’s my drawing, the title, and also some quote. There’s a sticky note at the top to serve as a page marker so I’ll be able to know where to open my planner if I need to check my calendar.

Everything was handwritten (because of that lousy printer) using my gel pens. I started with June, obviously, because this is a school planner, and ended with May next year (I think I’ll be having summer classes). There is a page allotted for each month (back to back) where the date and day of the week is listed. Here’s a closer look:


A page is divided into half where the date and day of the week is written on the side. Events or anything that I need to do or remember on a certain date is written beside it and highlighted with a certain color.

As you can see on the 2nd photo, there is a certain guideline to follow for the colors (What? Stuff like this is cool!). For example, on June 10, I’ve listed things like Creamy’s B-day, Test in Math, Activate BPI and BigBang’s comeback (This is just an example. None of this is true!)

  • Creamy’s Bday = Highlight with Green
  • Test in Math = Highlight with Yellow
  • Activate BPI = Highlight with Orange
  • Big Bang’s Comeback = Highlight with Pink

With this, you’ll be able to identify what is what! You’ll instantly see if there is a test coming up because it’s highlighted in a different color from the others! Cool, right? (This technique is extremely helpful if you have so many things listed, I’m telling you!) 



This section also has a front page like the first one and has pretty much the same elements (drawing, title, quote and page marker). 

This is where I list the things I need to do for a certain day or just about anything that concerns that specific date. I would label each day with big, cursive letters just to emphasize it. Things I need to do are listed in check boxes (or should I call it cross boxes?) so I could just cross out a task that I’ve already done. Sticky notes are welcome on this section and doodles too! There isn’t much too see because my planner’s just new (made this only yesterday). 



This section will be filled with lists of things I need to remember, some basic information and all those random stuff. Let’s say, contact numbers I need to remember like my family’s, tips about things that I got from somewhere or drawing ideas I’ve gathered from inspiration. For school-related examples, maybe things like project plans, goals for the entire school year, reminders your profs have given you, etc.!

By the way, I suggest that you write contact numbers on sticky notes so that when you need to change a person’s number, you don’t have to blacken it out and destroy your planner! You just have to replace the stickie with another one and you’re all set! Oh, and this is the section where I’ll be posting the most sticky notes!

Anyway, why do I prefer different- colored stickies? Answer is: To make my planner colorful and fun! (That’s a valid reason!)


Now that you’ve seen what’s inside my planner, I’ll be showing you some things that go along with it!


#1 and #2

Remember my "panda bookmark"? I’ve found a way to make him useful! As you can see, he marks what page I’m already writing on my “THINGS TO DO for EVERYDAY” section. So now, he’s called a “panda plannermarker”! (Lame joke, sorry!)

But anyway, this is a really important tip because when you’re using your planner for a long time already, you might find yourself struggling to find what page you’re already at so what does Arielle say to save you from the hassle? Get yourself a "Panda Plannermarker" now! Haha!


These are just basically the sticky notes I used to mark every section of my planner. I did this so I’ll get to certain sections of my planner without having a hard time.


The notebook I bought came with an envelope stuck at the back. I find it very useful because this is where I can place some extra stickies, papers, pictures and other random things that I might be needing on who knows when. Just don’t put too much stuff in it because you might end up having a bulky planner!

If your notebook doesn’t have something like this, you could make your own envelope using cardboard paper or just find a durable one with the same size as your notebook and stick it with a double-sided tape at the back part of your planner (on the cover, not on the last page!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So that’s just about it! I really enjoyed making this one and I hope my tips have helped you guys somehow! If you have any questions, feel free to message me on my tumblrASK!

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