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Inspiration Wall!


It’s been a long time since I planned to fill up the blank wall I have on top of my bed so I’m really happy because I finally got the courage to do this! 

I bought a cork board that was too small for my wall so I decided to print some photos I took back then to fill up the empty space. I feel so happy whenever i look at it! And yes, sometimes I do dream of being an astronaut because you never know, my destiny might be someone from outer space! I believe that the possibilities are endless (crazy crazy crazy).


1. The cork board didn’t have a frame with it so I decided to make my own. I was able to find a really nice floral-patterned paper at DAISO (Japanese store) and I used it for the borders of my board. All you need are some scissors and tape and you’re good to go! NOTE: Do not use paste or glue when sticking things onto your cork board! Just use tape so you could still remove stuff when you feel like changing how your cork board looks!

2. I was finally able to put into use all the photobooth pictures I got from my friends’ parties! I cut them out and neatly pasted them on my board. Picking out the best wacky photos was the fun part!

3. And because I wanted to add my own touch to the board, I grabbed my pen and drew lines on it to make it look like a grid board. I added some dashed lines to finish it off. Talk about perseverance!! HAHA, my neck and back was hurting so much after that. Another option you could do is wrap your cork board with a really nice patterned cloth using thumbtacks. 

4. Finally I placed photos I took (which I think are pretty, hehe) around the board for maximum inspiration! I just used tape so they’re not permanent! Remember: Always use tape. Just tape. 



1. If you have a big corkboard, you could actually try to divide it into sections. Let’s say you could have one corner for pictures, one corner for design inspirations/pegs (if you’re into design like me! HAHA), another one for to-do reminders, and one for your favorite quotes.

2, Your board doesn’t have to be that organised! Honestly, the best cork boards I’ve seen are those that are so random and messy but at the same time, full of hidden treasures! 

3. You can also add in a calendar which you can make on your own or you could find a template on the net! I didn’t have a calendar for this one because I already have one on my other cork board (which is at my desk).

So that’s about it! Show me a picture of your cork board or inspiration wall! I would love to see it :)))

A Look at My Corkboard


Let me introduce you to my corkboard! (I adore the color ORANGE too much, haha!) I decided to make a new one since the one I had before (in my old room) was so small I could barely put anything in it! Thank God I still have some scrap materials to design my new one! 

#1 RANDOM STUFF: At this corner, you’ll probably see photos and random lines, such as: “eat, pray and draw”. Yep, I kinda omitted the word “love”. Heh. 

#2 THINGS TO DO: Here is where I post my little colorful stickies to remind me of the things I need to do everyday! Really useful, if you ask me!

#3 INSPIRATION NOOK: Random ideas or just about anything to inspire me and make me work.