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Hi guys! To the people who requested that I show a full photo of my desk, here it is (plus some tips that might help! HEHE)

If you’ve been following my blog 3 years ago, you would know that my family and I moved to a different house so that explains why you don’t see my super pink room anymore! CLICK HERE to see how my desk looked like before!

As you can see from the photo above, I have an orange-y desk (because it’s my fave color!) plus a lot of panda stuff (i hope this isn’t a surprise anymore, hehe). This desk was actually custom-made to my liking because I really wanted to have an L-shaped desk so I have space to draw and put all the stuff I want! However, the architect wasn’t really able to pull off the huge desk that I wanted so he made something similar to where you put the desktop keyboard in, but bigger, to serve as my drawing workspace. And to my surprise, I actually liked it. HAHA.

So for those who are moving in to a new home or redecorating their room, I hope these tips and photos could help and inspire you!


I’m not saying that you need to have all these things to be organized but these are the things that work for me!

  • Colored Pens: I need need needthem whenever I’m studying because I like to write little notes on the sides of my readings since it helps me understand the lesson better. Summarising a block of paragraph I’ve just read allows me to actually interact with the text instead of just lightly breezing through it. 
  • Sticky Notes and Memo Pads: I use my memo pads for two things! One, to write some important details that I have to remember whenever I’m working on something. Two, I sometimes use them as flash cards to help me memorize stuff! On the other hand, I have my beloved sticky notes to mark important pages and sections of my 1. readings for school (because they’re a lot), 2. planner (because I tend to forget important reminders) and 3. fiction books I read (because I love to reread those cheesy and romantic moments, huhu).
  • GEL, METALLIC AND FABRIC PENS: I used to use the a lot when I was in high school but I’ve never really got to write with them anymore when I entered college because of the lack of art-related projects. And, if there is anything art-related, most of  profs require them to be digital. Oh well, maybe I could try using them as another medium for my drawing sometimes!
  • RANDOM STUFF: This bunch includes my scissors, earphones, unpin pens, mechanical pencil and bookmarks. I honestly consider these things as my top desk essentials.


  1. Always have a lamp on your desk because it’ll be really helpful to you, especially to your eyes! Whenever you’re studying, your head tends to block the light coming from above. And reading in the dark is never a good thing! To spare yourself from developing a poor eyesight, it’s very important that you have a lamp on your desk whenever you’re reading a book, writing, or drawing at night time! 
  2. Put the things you need the most in a spot where you could easily grab them without having to bump on other stuff. In my desk, I have my main mug where in I put ballpens, pencils and highlighters. It’s also important that you have a small trash can on top or below your desk to lessen the paper clutter!
  3. You can actually use your cork board as a hanger of other things you need if you don’t know where to put them anymore or you want to have them in a place you could easily access. As you can see, I placed push pins at the bottom of my cork board and hanged an elastic band, some notes for my org, design ideas and other stuff. 
  4. As for my TO-DO LISTS and DAILY REMINDERS, what I would do is write them on different colored memo pads (depending on the agenda/date), then I’ll just put them on top of each other! It really helps me to NOT FORGET and go out of track because I always get reminded of the job that needs to be done!


My top shelves include stuff like:

  • Self-help books (and if you can see, I’m actually starting to read some Management books, hehe)
  • Memory boxeswhich contain all those random stuff you get from school plus gifts from friends, pasalubongs, name tags, and even memorable test papers (LOL). 
  • ART Books because even though I’m not a Fine Arts student, I do think that I need these goodies in my life!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post, haha! For more posts like this, check out how I did my DIY planner (from 3 years ago!) and my Inspiration Wall. 

If you have any questions on where I bought some stuff, etc, feel free to Tumblr Ask Me! (Don’t be anonymous so I could reply privately!)

09.07.13: Let’s be Productive on a Rainy Day

I was supposed to have a trip to the museum today for my Histo paper but because of the bad weather, I decided not to go. However, why waste a beautiful day doing nothing productive right? 


#1: Some random preliminary sketches I did for a commission work.

#2: I have a lot of school and org work piling up on my to-do lists but I shall ignore them for now because I’m still on a post-Accounting101 LT depression. Haha, just kidding! But honestly, the ACC101 long test I had last night was a nightmare.

#3: I super love my new desktop wallpaper (you guys can’t see it but it’s a still from GD’s new MV coup d’etat). It will probably stay there a for a very very long time. 

#4: Messy messy part of my table because I’m currently working on an illustration, which I honestly haven’t done for a while now. It feels good drawing something again because illustration will always be my first love when you ask me about Art.

#5 And again, GD’s new album, COUP D’ETAT is still on non-stop replay on my phone. I obviously, still haven’t moved on.

Inspiration Wall!


It’s been a long time since I planned to fill up the blank wall I have on top of my bed so I’m really happy because I finally got the courage to do this! 

I bought a cork board that was too small for my wall so I decided to print some photos I took back then to fill up the empty space. I feel so happy whenever i look at it! And yes, sometimes I do dream of being an astronaut because you never know, my destiny might be someone from outer space! I believe that the possibilities are endless (crazy crazy crazy).


1. The cork board didn’t have a frame with it so I decided to make my own. I was able to find a really nice floral-patterned paper at DAISO (Japanese store) and I used it for the borders of my board. All you need are some scissors and tape and you’re good to go! NOTE: Do not use paste or glue when sticking things onto your cork board! Just use tape so you could still remove stuff when you feel like changing how your cork board looks!

2. I was finally able to put into use all the photobooth pictures I got from my friends’ parties! I cut them out and neatly pasted them on my board. Picking out the best wacky photos was the fun part!

3. And because I wanted to add my own touch to the board, I grabbed my pen and drew lines on it to make it look like a grid board. I added some dashed lines to finish it off. Talk about perseverance!! HAHA, my neck and back was hurting so much after that. Another option you could do is wrap your cork board with a really nice patterned cloth using thumbtacks. 

4. Finally I placed photos I took (which I think are pretty, hehe) around the board for maximum inspiration! I just used tape so they’re not permanent! Remember: Always use tape. Just tape. 



1. If you have a big corkboard, you could actually try to divide it into sections. Let’s say you could have one corner for pictures, one corner for design inspirations/pegs (if you’re into design like me! HAHA), another one for to-do reminders, and one for your favorite quotes.

2, Your board doesn’t have to be that organised! Honestly, the best cork boards I’ve seen are those that are so random and messy but at the same time, full of hidden treasures! 

3. You can also add in a calendar which you can make on your own or you could find a template on the net! I didn’t have a calendar for this one because I already have one on my other cork board (which is at my desk).

So that’s about it! Show me a picture of your cork board or inspiration wall! I would love to see it :)))

Rainy Day Inspired Palettes and Having Classes Tomorrow


I’ve been staring at this mini photo wall that I have in my “working area”, hoping that I’ll be motivated to study for tomorrow because WE HAVE CLASSES. 

Yes, we have classes in QC and okay, I’m not ranting because I’m a lazy bum who doesn’t want to go to school because she didn’t study for a test or whatever. What I find wrong in this situation is the fact that we’re not all from QC so that area might be okay but what about those people living in Marikina, Valenzuela and other areas that are under a state of calamity (ahem, Cavite, ahem)? Oh well. I just hope the roads will be passable tomorrow.

The only good thing that happened today was being able to finish this BD portfolio design for AIESEC. I’m not really good with layout-ing but I think these pages came out okay. 

Will now go back to studying for my THEO oral quiz tomorrow!!



7.9.13: On trying to be productive!


Hello! I hate showing my BIG forehead to the public but oh well, here’s a photo of me attempting to be friends with my camera again. HAHA!

Thank God it’s Friday! And thank God for the holiday even though I don’t really have class on Fridays! My family and I decided to go out today and have some fun (maybe watch a movie, eat out, do some shopping, etc) and because I have so many EXAMS and requirements for next week (huhu), I’ve tried to do some school stuff a while ago. 


And yay, at least I finished the ff:

  • THEO131 HW about Marriage (due today)
  • AMA Core Team Application form (due today)

So I’m a major procrastinator and I like doing things the last minute! HAHA so I still have to do my accounting homework because I have class tomorrow (BOO!) plus I have to study for ECON Midterms because I honestly have no clue what’s going on in class!

And about the photo above, yes I need to buy a new moisturizer because my skin has been pretty dry these days. Probably because of the cold weather :)



Happy First Day of September everyone! It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I’m left home all alone. I really want to go to the newly opened Razon’s near our place (Oh, I love halo-halo so much! Hehe!) but then I have no one to go with! Sisters are in school and parents have appointments. Oh well, I have no choice but to be productive and start with:

✓ AIESEC Creative School Deliverables (Lanyard Design)

☐ PSY101 Report (Monday)

☐ AIESEC OC Brand&Design Application Form

 MeBAY promos (due tonight!)

I really want to finish these things fast because there’s an AteneoxLaSalle game later and I don’t want to miss it! HAHA :D On an unrelated note, my tummy doesn’t feel good when I woke up since I woke up this morning. I think the 16oz DQ Blizzard I had last night is to blame. Sigh, me and my ice cream issues. Remind me to control my craving for sweets next time okay?